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 The Biomembranes Unit (UBm - Unidade de Biomembranas) is one of the Research Units of the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Its research scope is the study of biochemical and biophysical processes occurring at the level of the membranes of human cells and of their viral and bacterial pathogens, even without the involvement of membrane receptors.

Some of the elements of the UBm have also teaching activities at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL), being involved on the teaching of Biochemistry to MD students. UBm is integrated in the physical space of the Department of Biochemistry (Instituto de Bioquímica) of FMUL.

The elements of the Unit have been involved in public understanding of science activities through mass media contacts, presentations about Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics in high schools and Science Museums, and by welcoming in the lab students of the Ciência Viva Program of the Portuguese Ministery of Science.

Job openings available here.

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Opportunities/vacancies for research programmes, Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to perform research work at our Unit (see Aims, Research or Publications).

Calls for Ph.D. and Post-doc fellowships are available annually.

Doctoral candidates: Please check LisbonBioMed PhD Program and Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Doctoral Programme (M2B-PhD), as well as the Portuguese Agency for Science and Technology (FCT) websites.

Post-doctoral researchers: Previous post-doctoral candidates were supported by FCT and European Union FP7 post-doctoral funding. Please contact us for further details.

Other job openings for specific tasks at the pre-doctoral and doctoral level are also advertised here.

Prospective M.Sc. students and other researchers are encouraged to contact us.


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