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  Microvascular Biology and Inflammation
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The research of the Microvascular Biology and Inflammation Unit aims at understanding the molecular and cellular processes occurring at the blood-vessel wall interface in the context of inflammation.

Inflammation is an important component of the immune response and is produced to eradicate injury and restore homeostasis. It involves an intricate molecular and cellular interplay of tightly regulated pro- and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. The vascular wall stays at the cornerstone of inflammation, controlling the participation and recruitment of circulating blood cells.

Our research is focused on the: (1) Role of inflammatory mediators in modulating blood-vessel wall interaction in inflammation, (2) Role of vascular cholinergic systems in the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway and (3) Development of theoretical simulation models of leukocyte-vascular wall interaction in the microvasculature. We conjugate Molecular and Cellular Biology approaches with Microcirculation studies, such as in vivo animal models through high-speed intravital microscopy imaging.


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