An AFM facility

  An AFM facility devoted to biochemistry and biomed


A NanoWizard® II setup mounted on a Zeiss Axiovert 200 is available to the scientific community for Atomic Force Microscopy measurements, eventually coupled to wide-field fluorescence microscopy. Details on the technical properties of the setup are available here. The facilitiy is located in the campus of the University of Lisbon.

For inquiries and booking, use this contact .

The facility can be used by trained researchers, under the following principles:
1)Running costs are supported by the users
2)User are responsible for performing their own experiments

Additional details:
Research project REEQ 140/BIO/2005 ("Instrumentação de microscopia de força atómica dedicada a estudos bioquímicos e biomédicos ao nível molecular"), Programa Nacional de Reequipamento Científico (PNRC). Entidade Gestora e Finaciadora do PNRC: FCT, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Consortium of users: FCTUNL, FCUL, FFUL, FMUL, ITQB-UNL.


Av. Professor Egas Moniz
Edifício Egas Moniz,
1649-028 Lisboa

Tel: (+351)217985136
Fax: (+351)217999477

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